10th International Conference


24-26 April 2018

Hotel Metropol, Ohrid


Drinkable pure water in nature has become less in its true form and is more polluted by various types of pollutants which, at the final consequence, endanger the health of people.

In the past two decades, all over the world, major steps have been taken to improve the work of water utilities in terms of optimizing operating costs and optimizing the quality of services, while also striving to maintain the price of water at reasonable economic boundaries.

The main goal of the international conference is to study the various options that could be taken to "modernize" the regulation of the water sector in the Republic of Macedonia, in order to promote truly sustainable utility companies that protect our environment whilst ensuring services of safe water supply and waste water reuse at national level.

In the past years, in the Republic of Macedonia, the issues related to waste management have been very intensively referred. For modern policies, in the domain of waste management, besides as a generator of negative environmental impacts, the waste is also considered as a resource. Part of the materials that are part of the waste can be used for the production of new products or energy, thus enabling the preservation of non-renewable natural resources. Infrastructure and waste management technology are changing rapidly, the involved entities are encouraged to responsibly manage waste, i.e. by reducing the amount of waste at the place of its formation, reusing and recycling (RRR), processing, treatment and disposal, suitable for the environment. The creation of waste is inevitable, but the substance that remains, should be perceived as a raw material that can be reused.

 The international conference with the submitted papers should provide an answer and directions for operation of the public utility companies in the Republic of Macedonia, responsible for water supplying the population, drainage of fecal waste waters and regional waste management, where they stand with own development and at which level is their provision of services to the citizens and of course the satisfaction of the citizens.

Productive discussions during the conference days will provide an exceptional opportunity, for people dealing with water and waste issues, to become aware of best practices as well as get a comprehensive overview of the latest generation of equipment and the latest technology in the communal sphere.


First session: Experience of the regulator in the transition period in establishing the prices of water services / tariffs

Second session: Supply of drinking water and collection and treatment of wastewater

  • Small water and wastewater systems and their technical justification;
  • Smart regulation to reduce sewage contamination of urban water resources;
  • From Practice to Policy: Lessons learnt from the implementation of the security plan in sanitation;
  • From data to decision: monitoring the water quality;
  • New innovative technologies in wastewater treatment

Third session: Reform for the institutional setup in the water management in the Republic of Macedonia

  • Creation of policies and legislation;
  • Improving the institutional ownership of water resources management in the Republic of Macedonia;
  • Water agency;
  • Financial management in the water sector, monitoring and control

Fourth session: Waste management

  • Establishment of a Regional Waste Management System in the Republic of Macedonia;
  • Waste Management Technologies;
  • Raising public awareness and education

Fifth session: Capacity development for the sustainable operation of public utility companies



ADKOM – Association of Communal Service Providers in Macedonia



  • Ph.D Biljana Angelova The Institute of Ecomonics – Skopje
  • Ph.D Stanislava Dodeva –  National Program Officer – Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Macedonia
  • Mrs. Andrijana Nelkova Chuchuk – Energy Regulatory Commision of the Republic of Macedonia
  • Ph.D Sonja Lepitkova University Goce Delchev - Stip
  • Mr. Ilber Mirta - Head of the Water Sector –MoEPP
  • Mrs. Ljupka Dimova Zajkov - Deputy of Water sector – MoEPP
  • Asst. prof. Jovan Papic – Faculty of Civil Engineering Skopje
  • Asst. prof. Goce Taseski – Faculty of Civil Engineering Skopje
  • M.Sc Ana Karanfilova Maznevska – Head of waste management department – MoEPP
  • Mr. Mile Gorgievski – PU Vodovod Bitola
  • Mr. Jane Vrteski - Management Consultant
  • M.Sc Georgi Hristov – Project Manager GIZ
  • Ph.D Dragoslav Rakic – Faculty of mining and geology Belgrade, R. Serbia
  • Mr. Graham Byrne – Municipal solid waste international expert – United Kingdom
  • BSc.Civ.Eng. Sandi Zulic – President of  Association for Water and Environmental Protection Sector “Aquasan Network in B&H”
  • Mr. Philip Weller - Head of the Technical Sekretariat of IAWD -  Danube Water Program on behalf of IAWD
  • Mrs. Violeta Wolff – Technical Specialist - Danube Water Program on behalf of IAWD
  • M.Ch.Eng. Sanja Horvat - Head of Sewage and Wastewater department PU Koprivnicke Vode – R. Croatia 
  • Mr. Dimitar Kochkov, member of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) and Vice-president of European Waters Regulators Network (WAREG)



Mrs. Fani Karamiha – Petrusheva – ADKOM



The conference duration will be three days.

The conference will be held in Ohrid - Hotel Metropol, from 24th to 26th April, 2018.

During the three working days of conference, there will also be organized a gala dinner and a sightseeing tour around Ohrid.



Authors who wish to present papers are invited to submit abstracts of maximum half page, no later than January 31, 2018 to the following email address: adkommk@gmail.com



  • Name of the author;
  • Title of the paper;
  • E-mail address, postal address and contact phone;
  • Selected form of presentations: whether oral or as a poster (the Editorial Board reserves all rights to determine the manner of presentation);
  • Times New Roman font 12 should be used



  • Objective of the paper;
  • Results;
  • Conclusion

The complete paper should be sent no later than 28th February, 2018 and it should not exceed 10 pages.



Working languages ​​of the conference are Macedonian and English with simultaneous translation on Macedonian, English and Albanian languages.



  • Submission of abstracts – 31th January 2018
  • Submission of complete papers – 28th February 2018
  • Sending the poster presentations – 10th April 2018
  • Payment of fee -  February – April  2018



At the time of the conference, in Hotel Metropol there will be held an exhibition of products and equipment related to the conference topics.

Companies can present their activities, products and equipment related to the conference topics at the exhibition booths. Exhibition booths will be placed next to the conference room.

For more information please contact ADKOM.



Registration fee is obligatory for all participants at the conference.



Accommodation is secured in Hotel Metropol and Hotel Bellevue - Ohrid. Participants themselves cover the costs of accommodation and transport and care for their hotel reservations.



Registration for the conference can be done by filling the application form and sending to the organizer:

Tel / fax: + 389 2 2461971

E-mail: adkommk@gmail.com

ADDRESS: ADKOM, Blvd. Jane Sandanski 112 - 2/2  1000 Skopje


Contact person

Mrs. Fani Karamiha – Petrusheva – ADKOM


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