Реализирани проекти во соработка со АДКОМ:


''Reform in the system of water supply, collection and treatment at local level''

  • Референтен број: EuropeAid/136063/IH/SER/MK
  • Времетраење на проектот: 2015 – November 2017
  • Имплементатор: EPTISA in consortium with SETEC and GEING
  • Веб страна: http://wr.vodamk.mk/


''Development of National Water Study''

  • Референтен број: EuropeAid/136505/IH/SER/MK
  • Времетраење на проектот: February 2016 – August 2017
  • Имплементатор: EPTISA
  • Веб страна: http://ws.vodamk.mk/


''Solid waste data collection in SEE''

  • Времетраење на проектот: 01.10.2015- 31.01.2016
  • Имплементатор: AQUASEN


''Service for the exchange & Peer Learning Component within the Public Utilities Coaching Project''

  • Времетраење на проектот: 15.06.2012- 30.06.2016
  • Имплементатор: Swiss Cooperation Office in Macedonia/Skopje


''Capacity development to improved performance of water utilities regulation, efficiency and quality''

  • Имплементатор: IAWD


''Regional Benchmarking imitative''

  • Имплементатор: AIAWD-GIZ


''Danubis data collection and management platform''

  • Имплементатор: IAWD & World Bank


''Development of a Business Plan for ADKOM''

  • Имплементатор: Contractor: IAWD & World Bank


''Establishment of the DANUBIS-DCM as data collection and management system at national level in RM''

  • Имплементатор: IAWD & World Bank