-Membership of ADKOM is on voluntary basis. A member of ADKOM could be every citizen of the republic of The Republic of North Macedonia.

-Joining ADKOM as a member is by filling in the admission form and a contract, signed by the President of the Managing Board of ADKOM and the Public Service Enterprise or any other legal entity.

-Members of ADKOM represent the public service enterprises from the municipalities they come from.

-ADKOM’s member could be elected for the organs of ADKOM,could participate in the operation of ADKOM and contribute for the development and the popularity of the Associations.



Acquisitions for the members of ADKOM

-Possibility for direct participation in the process of creation of positions of ADKOM connected with issues the public service enterprises are facing with in the republic of The Republic of North Macedonia through participation in working commissions in order to improve the law regulation framework that refers the public utility service.

-Inclusion into the reforming process of the local government connected with the public utility services.

-Promotion and advocacy of mutual interests of its members against the government and third parties.

-Support for institutional and organizational strengthening of the municipal public service enterprises.

-Consultation and advising its members regarding the current issues of their operation

-Analysis of problems the public service enterprises are facing with and offering solutions for the same

-Following the world trends in the development process of the public utility services.

-Participation in expert’s consultations, conferences, workshops and alike.

-Access to information relevant for the public utility services

-Logistic support in organization of manifestations, conferences, scientific visits, meetings etc.

-Access to the data base.

-Collaboration with professional institutions and associations in the Country and abroad.


ADKOM’s goals


-To become a powerful lobby of public service providers in front of the Central Government.

-To be awarded, to become known and to continue its function as an efficient service center of the enterprises providing public services.

-To become a powerful international organization.

-All citizens in the Republic of The Republic of North Macedonia to be promptly provided with public services of a good quality.


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