The operation of ADKOM is regulated by a Common Act passed by the Assembly of ADKOM.


ADKOM Organs:


     -Managing Board

     -Supervisory Board

     -Executive director





The assembly of the Association of Public Service Provider-ADKOM, consists of the same number as the number of representatives of public service enterprises. Each member of the Assembly equally participates in the decision making process.


The assembly competences are:

-To fetching the statute of ADKOM

-To establish the business politics of ADKOM

-To appropriate the long term and annual strategically programme for ADKOM and strategy for it’s implementation

-To view and to appropriate the report of the matter of the Managing Board between the two assemblies

-To discuss for the achieved results of the ADKOM’s working and gives directions for the further development of ADKOM

-To bring decisions, conclusions, recommendations for solving questions that are in interest of ADKOM



Managing Board


The managing Board of ADKOM is an executive organ of the Assembly and each of its members has the equal rights, obligations and responsibilities for the operation and development of the Association in accordance of the Statute.


The managing Board of ADKOM consists of fifteen (15) members, including the Chairman of the Managing Board.


The managing Board of ADKOM elects the Chairmen from its members with the majority votes.


The competences of the managing board are:

- To lead in the statutionary and programme duties of ADKOM as well and the decisions and conclusions of the assembly;

- Fetching the annual and operative plans for work and plans for development;

- Fetching the long term and annual strategically plan for development of ADKOM, fetching the rest of the general acts of ADKOM, accept agreements and contracts;

- fetching decisions of forming permanent and temporally commissions and gives directions to it’s work

- Make decisions for forming coalition with others organizations that will promote ADKOM’s interests

- Organizing and take active participation in different actions, manifestations etc.



Supervisory Board


The Supervisory Board consists of five (5) members and the mandate period is four years, they have the right of reelection. The Supervisory Board performs control on the implementation of its Statute regulations as well as the control of the good management of the ADKOM’S assets and incomes.



Executive Director


The Executive Director of ADKOM is a managing organ.


The Executive Director supported by the expert’s office, organizes and manages the operation of ADKOM, represents ADKOM with third parties and is responsible for the legal operation of ADKOM.


The executive director:


- Is managing the working of the expert’s service;

- Offers suggestions for the basic and business politics of ADKOM;

- Offers suggestions for the programs and working plans and it is responsible to realize them;

- Prepares and hand over the entire working plans of the assembly and of the managing board;

- Is attend to make possible the on time realization of the decisions and the inferences that have been fetching by the assembly and the managing board;

- Represents ADKOM in the foreign affairs;

- Is attend to make an opportunity for the proper use of the law that is related to the activities which are in competence of ADKOM;

- Is doing and other obligations that are provided by the law, statute, and other basic acts of ADKOM.






The decision of forming commissions and give directions of their work is a competence of the managing board.


The commissions are working on the meetings that are organized once in a month in the offices of ADKOM and they are working according to the working programme for the corresponding year. They actually are representing the interests of the enterprises for public services to the different sphere of action ministry. Each of the members of ADKOM is allowed to look into the work of the commissions by reading the compulsory records from the working meetings.


The active boards of commissioners of ADKOM, optionally in dependence of the extend of work in a suitable period can join one or more commissions in one or separation on one commission into more than one.


- Water supply and sewage and waste water treatment

- Finances and economy

- Communal hygiene and maintenance of parks and greeneries

- Markets

- Funeral services

- Human resources

- Water processing and quality control

- Parking services



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